2013-Rolls-Royce-PhantomYou might have paid $400,000 for your Rolls-Royce Phantom but even such luxury cars are not immune to safety recalls. This is the embarrassing reality for the British brand after finding out that a safety component was overlooked by one parts supplier.

Rolls-Royce revealed to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that some 2013 model year Phantom built between November 2 last year through January 18 this year might have missing anti-misfueling components on the necks of its fuel fillers. This specific component help prevent misfueling and static electricity discharge.

The absence of the safety component heightens the risk of fire due to static electricity. The brand clarified that they have not received reports of injuries or other accidents related to the lack of misfueling component.

The recall covers 27 Phantoms in the U.S. According to the luxury car manufacturer, their dealers will perform necessary inspections and replace fuel filler necks as necessary.