royster_500gt_hofele_design_range_roverLuxury car tuning firm Hofele Design recently tweaked the 2013 Range Rover and dubbed it as the Royster GT 500.

In the looks department, the tuning company added a front spoiler, gave the front grille a matte black finish, and installed a diffuser on the rear apron. The door panels also get dynamic bubbles than prevent dirt from coming into the cabin. Hofele also installed sporty 4-way exhaust tips in combo with the wider rear skirt makes the setup look very powerful. The Royster GT 500 also rolls on Reverso II rims that are available as 10 x 22” or 9 x 20”. Inside, the design team of Hofele gave the ride a two-tone leather finish with some contrast stitching

Under the chassis is a lowering system that can raise or lower the Range Rover using air suspension. The body is lowered by the system by around 40mm when the speed of up to 80 km/h. If you go faster, the system brings it to the standard height so the vehicle can utilize the full potential of its suspension system.

If there is something magnificent about the job done to this Range Rover, it is under the hood. The performance of the vehicle has been increased by around 20%. The 4.4L V-8 diesel engine normally outputs 339 horses but Hofele has done its magic and brings it up to 410hp. The torque was also improved from to 720 Nm from the stock 600 Nm.