Ferrari will celebrate its second decade in China since the first ever 348 TS in this corner of Asia. The Italian car manufacturer will be cutting the ribbonsof the Italia Center for its permanent exhibition out of their Maranello headquarters at the Shanghai World Expo. The Ferrari exhibit covers 900 sq. m. and will last for 3 years. The spotlight will be on the best collections of the museum in Maranello highlighting the Ferrari presence in China, Ferrari’s involvement in Green Technology, Ferrari Racing, Ferrari Products, and Ferrari Racing.

Along with models from the past and current Ferrari lineup. Visitors will be able to see a rich collection of videos and images especially picked for the exhibit.

Another essential element of Ferrari’s celebration in China is the release of the 458 Italia special editions exclusive to the Chine market. Only twenty models of the Ferrari 458 Italia with all the Chinese elements incorporated to the design be delivered. The special edition 458 italia will be donning a new finish called the Marco Polo Red uniquely developed for the car that will also be on display at the Italia Center at the expo park.

The inspiration for the design of the 458 Italia comes from the longma theme of Chinese idoms that says of spirit and vigor of the dragon horse. The dragon is a symbol in the Chinese culture which stands for passion, success, and courage while the prancing horse of the Ferrari emblem is one of the most recognized symbols in the world that represents the Italian marque’s success in engineering and design.

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a high performance sports car with a mid-rear engine placed 8 cylinder engine. It has won more than 35 awards from different bodies across the globe for the innovative technology, great design, and exclusivity. The 458 Italia is a perfect embodiment of the Chinese longma spirit.

The exterior of the car features a golden dragon on its bonnet offset by black and gold stripes to symbolize the race track. The dragon and the horse image on the car’s bonnet perfectly blends and complement with each other symbolizing the Chinese culture and the constant innovation of Ferrari.

The rims get a gold treatment and aerolastic winglets while the interior also reflects the Chinese traditions with gold embroidery on the head rests. The engine is turned on by pushing a button engraved with the Chinese short character for start. There is also a plaque on the dash to indicate that the car is a Special Edition release for the 20th anniversary of Ferrari in China.