The gas consumption of the Rolls Royce Phantom is pegged at 15 miles for every gallon and these numbers just do not mix if you want to be a greener car owner with lesser carbon foot prints. Well this may actually change as the luxury carmaker plans to produce a rechargeable electric limousine. Yes. With nada, zilch, zero emissions.

p19 Rolls Royce

Rumors have been going around in the past few years that Rolls Royce is working on an electric model and recently, the car manufacturer revealed plans of an experimental electic limo.

The super green Rolls Royce might just roll out in time for the upcoming Olympics next year where BMW is set to showcase its green technologies to the whole world. The sporting event is the perfect marketing venue for the Rolls Royce electric car which may be used to bring the thousands of VIPs to the different venues.

Insiders confirm that they are considering the plan but clarify that Rolls Royce is looking at all options and is not rushing things just to produce a green vehicle for the brand. The parent company, BMW has already produced the MINI-E that can be recharged using the mains.

Rolls Royce had a jump of 171% in terms of sales in 2010. The big leap is attributed to female buyers getting the smaller Ghost models. The United States is still Rolls Royce’s biggest market followed closely by China and the United Kingdom.