When we say Bugatti Veyron, we are talking about super cars going thru very limited production. Several months ago, a McLaren Mercedes SLR done in a beautiful silver chrome finish has been spotted touring in London. Today, we don’t see silver. We see bloody red.


Dartz, or Dartz Prombron, is a Russian luxury armored car manufacturer which is based in Riga, Latvia. For years now, the Russian company has enjoyed its reputation for producing a line of luxury armored SUVs. Today, Dartz extends its expertise on sports cars, particularly, the bloody red Bugatti Veyron done in a beautiful, bold, and striking blood red finish. This new Bugatti model has been presented in the south of France.

It seems that tuning companies from around the world has walked away from the standard black chrome finish and shifts more to bolder colors. The Dartz-turned Bugatti Veyron might look like a fireball in its bright red chrome finish but it sure does attract the attention of the automobile community. The chrome red Bugatti Veyron comes with a W16 quad-turbocharged engine that comes with an impressive 1,001 ponies. Its utmost speed is rated at 260mph.

While more and more tuning companies around the world cater to the eccentric to revamped the constant production of the world’s fasters sports cars, we might see a Bugatti Veyron done in a green chrome finish next or does an orange tint look better? Black chrome seems to be a thing of the past now. Who knows we might see a pink chrome Ferrari sometime in the future.