bentley-continental-flying-spurIf Bentley can get even better this is it. The luxury car manufacturer Bentley recently announced that it is working with Linley, a highly regarded design company in the UK, to compe up with a limited edition Flying Spur. There will only be 10 units of these Bentley Continentals.

The special edition Bentley CFS will be made for the Chinese market which has been showing the biggest demand for luxury cars in the recent years. The release will be injecting the elements of style from Linley to even add to the valued hand crafted quality.

The team from Linley will be working to make the interior of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur even more classy. Bentley and Linley share the passion of using natural elements, and the former will benefit by the beautiful veneers of the latter.

Santos rosewood veneers will be used fot the roof console, wasitrail, console, and fascia of the limited edition Bentley Continental.

David Linley, topman of Linley, said the product of the collaboration with an excellent brand like Bentley resulted to a very unique car reflecting the passion of the two companies to push things to the limit until one achieves excellence.

The Flying Spur’s waistrail will be treated with the motif taken from the Linley Helix collection carefully and artfull done using special marquetry inlay skills. The marquety appears to have a wave effect because of the rosewood contrasting with the four kinds of veneers used. The rear console to was reworked to give way to a Linley humidor. Another feature will be the dedication plaque which is rhodium plated, and a cashmere blanket in a leather bag by Linley.

The interiors were designed by the team from Linley following the specifications of the luxury car builder.