The E55 AMG of Mercedes-Benz is a game changer. Under £20k, a used E55 AMG is of great value. With this post we list down tips on what to look for when buying one.

p19 Mercedes-Benz


The pads and discs are reasonably priced at around £450 per set. Fitting the brakes will add a bit to the tag especially when the brake fluid will be changed. This generation of Benz requires you to plug it to a computer when you change the fluid.


When you get an E55 with high specs you can expect that the cabin will have a ton of gadgets. You have to take note that these systems will be expensive to fix.


The brand speaks for itself through the years and it has been known to produce tough chassis with no weak joints or bushes.


The powerplant of the E55 is hand-built and you will be able to see the names of the persons who assembled it.


You only have an option between a saloon or an estate. The wagon is easier to put again onto the market later, and still you can give it a good price.

Wheels and tires

Every corner will cost you about £200. We advise that you avoid the aftermarket rims since an original wheel set on the car that is chip-free will give a hint of a careful owner who is careful with parking or spent some sum to take care of the car.