The line of wagons from Volvo has been their bread and butter for the past years charting about half of the company’s total sales. The crossovers of Volvo particularly the XC have been received well by the U.S. market and so Volvo pours funding for a more exciting line of vehicles.

Volvo recently announced the pricing of the 2010 XC60 which debuted in the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. The vehicle does not sport a typical wagon look but has a tinge of exciting sportier lines.

The 3.2L model is the youngest of the siblings of the Volvo line up. If you want to get behind the wheels of the 2010 XC60 with a 235 hp engine, you need to shell out $32395 and pay about $850 for delivery.

The XC60 has an all wheel driver version which is tagged at $34395 not inclusive of the destination charge. The T6 base model four wheel drive with a 3.0L engine capable of delivering 281 hp is still priced at $37200.

The power plant under the hood of the new XC60 is basically the same as the engine of the 2008 S80 sedan coupled with automatic six speed transmission. The fuel mileage of the vehicle is impressive at 18mpg on city driving and about 27 mpg on a highway.

Volvo also offers two variants of the 3.2L engine. Consumers can choose from the ultra low emission variant or the ULEV-II and the partial zero emissions or PZEV.

The new XC60 is labeled as the safest Volvo car using new technologies like City Safety. XC60 faces the competition from crossovers like the Land Rover LR2, GLK from Mercedes Benz, and the X3 of BMW.