What do you think of when you hear the word “Lexus,” what does it call to mind?  Naturally, most of us think about the car.  It is nothing less than iconic, and with good reason.  But honestly, what do you think about when you hear someone talking about a Lexus?

I can only speak for myself here, but I immediately think of class and sophistication.  I think of richness.  I think of sleek, classic lines and elegant yet innovative design.  I think of state of the art styling.  I think expensive.  I think sophisticated.

As it so happens, everything I think about when I think about a Lexus is glimpsed in the new sporty 2010 Lexus IS C.  This convertible is going to come out big, that’s my prediction.  Anyone who can afford one of these is going to have one.  Anyone who cannot afford one of these is going to dream of owning one.  They are going to dream of flying down the highway with the top down and the radio blasting, getting envious stares at red lights and stop signs — because that is what Lexus represents.