Mercedes GLKMercedes Benz tries to cope with the slow sales of its premium SUV the GLK class by giving potential buyers better options and packages. The company attributes the slump due to the oversupply of high end versions in the market.

According to company executives, they exported high end models to the United States last January affecting their overall sales.

The different versions of the GLK came in as a surprise to some consumers when the sticker price reached $40000 plus. The price skyrocketed because the packages offered by the dealerships were loaded by options.

Most of the US consumers were expecting see the tag as advertised at $34775 for the two-wheel drive version. The all-wheel drive starts selling at $36775. These prices include shipment of the vehicle.

Gray Mercedes GLK

Mercedes Benz adjusted the interest rate to 1.90% for up to 5 year and 6 months for the GLK class last February. The options for the GLK have also been reconfigured to make the package more appealing to consumers.

Some of the features sought after by consumers like the sunroof was marketed as an option package for $3150 before and is now sold as a stand alone feature tagged at $1450. The multimedia package that came with a navigation system had a sticker of $3350 is now being sold separately for $1800.

GLK owners who purchased packaged options last February or March got a refund of around $2000. Mercedes-Benz did not disclose how many customers received the refund.