The European market of Jaguar XF may enjoy a more powerful diesel engine in place of the current version of the car. The 2010 Jaguar XF will resurrect the asthmatic performance of the 2.7L power plant released in 2008.

The Jaguar car company is correcting its mistakes and pleasing its loyal followers with a V6 3.0 L to be offered in two ratings. One variant will be a 236 horse power engine expected to be the popular pick. An S version will also be available for those who need a more powerful growl from the cat. It will have a power output of 275 horsepower.

The new engine is equipped with turbo chargers and the latest in fuel injection using high pressure in a sequential configuration. The V engine in the new Jaguar XF is the first in the world to have a taste of a turbo charger in parallel sequential configuration.

The turbocharger is expected to give the driver the satisfaction in terms of performance on the road. The engine gets the boost from the secondary turbo when it hits 2800 rpm. This allows power up with no discernible gaps.

The S variant of the Jaguar XF is capable of zooming from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.9 seconds. The reading is 1.8 seconds faster than its predecessor. It is also 12% more fuel efficiency rating 35 mpg US. It also has an excellent CO2 emission of 179 g/km

Jaguar has no official words if it will release the new diesel version of the XF to the U.S. market but if the diesel efforts of BMW and Mercedes-Benz will click, no doubt Jaguar will follow suit.