As the summer kicks off, the 2009 G37 Infiniti convertible rolls out on sale. The sticker for the standard model of stylish ride is posted at $43850 while the six speed sport variant is tagged at $43900.

Infiniti timed the release of the car as the calendar hits the summer solstice. The timing is perfect for the top down to cruise on the road and be enjoyed by the consumers. The G37 Convertible is certain to please the crowd with its form, excellent interior, and road performance.

The car manufacturer runs along side with the G37 convertible a new marketing campaign centered on its slogan, “Own the Sky.” While everyone will think of the implications of this marketing tactics, it is simply emphasizing the main draw for consumers to buy the new Infinity baby. Executives revealed that they are set to rule the TV and online ads.

Under the hood of the car is a beautiful and powerful V6 3.7L power plant. The engine is coupled with automatic transmission with a 7-speed setting or manual 6-speed gears. Compared to the Coupe with 328hp, the engine seems to be less powerful with an output of 325hp.

Designers of the car used a 3-piece folding top made of steel and injected the interiors with concepts focused on giving the ultimate convertible experience. Some notable features include a Bose Sound System engineered for the open air environment and have the capability of adjusting the equalizer based on the noise, top position, and speed as the car zooms on the road.

The Convertible G37 Infinity also has an updated climate control that automatically varies the speed of the fan depending on the condition of the car and the environment.