Luxury cars, luxury bikes — if it has at least two wheels and a motor that purrs, it certainly still counts. Besides, ever since Honda unveiled its new concept motorcycle (a radical concept at that) last year during the Intermot show which took place in Germany, people have been talking about it. This is primarily because the bike features a powerful and purring V4 engine, a brand new addition.

Well, the time is finally come and the motorcycle will finally be introduced quite soon. As it happens, however, you lucky readers get a sneak peek because, as yet, only a few spy shots are available.

Thus far, the voyeuristic photos tell us that the bike features a very relaxed kind of geometry — very sportbike. The seating is upright, the swingarm is a single sided one of the shaft drive variety, and there are two ram air ducts bracketing the headlamp in the front.

Although it is still speculation, it is believed that the bike will be called the VFR1200.