The sexy style, the raw power of the engine, and the exclusivity magnet consumers to brands like Bentley, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Cadillac but the allure is not converting into cash as the luxury car segment suffers a 32% fall in sales this year.

The dip in the sales graph prompts luxury car makers to offer incentives in order to lure consumers who are looking into buying more affordable brands and vehicles like SUVs and pickups. The luxury car brands suffered due to the recession which pushed the economy to the edge forcing consumers to cut back on their spending.

BMW invites consumers to take advantage of the interest rates that they offer for their new range of cars which goes for as low as 1.9%. They are also focusing on pushing for their pre-owned cars program. BMW is also concentrating on being more green as they capitalize on their diesel models and their plan to introduce the X6 Hybrid and the 7-Series in the United States.

Bentley gives consumers to own a Continental GT with a sticker of $179,000 on a 0.9% interest rate. Porsche is also creating a buzz with their cash back programs. On an average purchase, the buyer can save as much as $4412, a 657% increase from 2008, for buying a new car from Porsche.

Mercedes-Benz offers a special rate on the leasing program and interest rates ranging from 1.9% to 2.9% for units like the CLS Class 4-door coupe, CLK-Class, and the sedan from the C-Class lineup. Benz also recently launched the S400 hybrid in the U.S. to enter the competition on the green market.

The luxury car brands hope to improve their figures by 2010. On the other side of the picture, now is the great chance for consumers to buy their new rides.