Rolls-Royce Phantom recalled for missing fuel filler safety component

2013-Rolls-Royce-PhantomYou might have paid $400,000 for your Rolls-Royce Phantom but even such luxury cars are not immune to safety recalls. This is the embarrassing reality for the British brand after finding out that a safety component was overlooked by one parts supplier.

Rolls-Royce revealed to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that some 2013 model year Phantom built between November 2 last year through January 18 this year might have missing anti-misfueling components on the necks of its fuel fillers. This specific component help prevent misfueling and static electricity discharge.

The absence of the safety component heightens the risk of fire due to static electricity. The brand clarified that they have not received reports of injuries or other accidents related to the lack of misfueling component.

The recall covers 27 Phantoms in the U.S. According to the luxury car manufacturer, their dealers will perform necessary inspections and replace fuel filler necks as necessary.

Range Rover Tuning: Hofele Design releases Royster GT 500

royster_500gt_hofele_design_range_roverLuxury car tuning firm Hofele Design recently tweaked the 2013 Range Rover and dubbed it as the Royster GT 500.

In the looks department, the tuning company added a front spoiler, gave the front grille a matte black finish, and installed a diffuser on the rear apron. The door panels also get dynamic bubbles than prevent dirt from coming into the cabin. Hofele also installed sporty 4-way exhaust tips in combo with the wider rear skirt makes the setup look very powerful. The Royster GT 500 also rolls on Reverso II rims that are available as 10 x 22” or 9 x 20”. Inside, the design team of Hofele gave the ride a two-tone leather finish with some contrast stitching

Under the chassis is a lowering system that can raise or lower the Range Rover using air suspension. The body is lowered by the system by around 40mm when the speed of up to 80 km/h. If you go faster, the system brings it to the standard height so the vehicle can utilize the full potential of its suspension system.

If there is something magnificent about the job done to this Range Rover, it is under the hood. The performance of the vehicle has been increased by around 20%. The 4.4L V-8 diesel engine normally outputs 339 horses but Hofele has done its magic and brings it up to 410hp. The torque was also improved from to 720 Nm from the stock 600 Nm.

BMW 6-Series Coupe and X6 get Special Editions

BMW recently announced two special models developed just for their market in the United States. These special bimmers are based on the 2013 MY of the 6-Series Coupe and the X6 crossover. They offer luxurious amenities for some extra cost. Like other BMW special editions, these vehicles will run on a limited basis, so better rush to the dealer if you want to get your hands on one of these.

The BMW X6 will have an an Individual Performance Edition that suggests it will be a good blend of elements from the M Performance and Individual ranges. The German car manufacturer will only produce 100 of this special edition X6. Half of the units will use the xDrive35i platform while the other half will sport the more aggressive xDrive50i.

The X6 using the xDrive35i will have a tag price of $81,695 that will give you an extra 15 horses and addition torque of 30 lb-ft due to the M performance upgrades. The model using the xDrive50i platform can be yours for $92,895 and gives you 40 hp more and extra torque of 30 lb-ft.

Aside from the engine upgrades, the BMW X6 special editions will also get the Premium Package, technology package, cold weather package, sound package, running boards, satellite radio, soft-close doors, and seat options from BMW. It will also sport a 20-inch rims, black chrome exhaust tips, and a Pearl Silver metallic finish.
The special edition 6-Series Coupe will be called BMW Frozen Silver Edition. Only fifty-five units of these vehicles will roll out of the production line. Customers can go for a 650i Coupe with a tag price of $99,295. There is also the all-wheel driver version 650i Coupe with xDrive that has a price of $102,695.

The 6-Series Coupe special editions do not get any power upgrades but buyers will be treated to a special paint finish called Frozen Silver, 20-inch rims from the M Performance division, Executive Package, and M Sport Package. The xDrive Coupe will also get heated steering wheel and a storage bag for your skiing gear.

The car also gets a sporty dark chrome exhaust tips, black brake calipers, M steerin wheel, leather dashboard, headliner made from anthracite Alcantara, ventilated seats in front, and a rear sunshade.

The special edition BMWs will get to the buyer’s garage starting December.

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Ferrari marks its 20th anniversary in China with permanent exhibition and a special version of the 458 Italia

Ferrari will celebrate its second decade in China since the first ever 348 TS in this corner of Asia. The Italian car manufacturer will be cutting the ribbonsof the Italia Center for its permanent exhibition out of their Maranello headquarters at the Shanghai World Expo. The Ferrari exhibit covers 900 sq. m. and will last for 3 years. The spotlight will be on the best collections of the museum in Maranello highlighting the Ferrari presence in China, Ferrari’s involvement in Green Technology, Ferrari Racing, Ferrari Products, and Ferrari Racing.

Along with models from the past and current Ferrari lineup. Visitors will be able to see a rich collection of videos and images especially picked for the exhibit.

Another essential element of Ferrari’s celebration in China is the release of the 458 Italia special editions exclusive to the Chine market. Only twenty models of the Ferrari 458 Italia with all the Chinese elements incorporated to the design be delivered. The special edition 458 italia will be donning a new finish called the Marco Polo Red uniquely developed for the car that will also be on display at the Italia Center at the expo park.

The inspiration for the design of the 458 Italia comes from the longma theme of Chinese idoms that says of spirit and vigor of the dragon horse. The dragon is a symbol in the Chinese culture which stands for passion, success, and courage while the prancing horse of the Ferrari emblem is one of the most recognized symbols in the world that represents the Italian marque’s success in engineering and design.

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a high performance sports car with a mid-rear engine placed 8 cylinder engine. It has won more than 35 awards from different bodies across the globe for the innovative technology, great design, and exclusivity. The 458 Italia is a perfect embodiment of the Chinese longma spirit.

The exterior of the car features a golden dragon on its bonnet offset by black and gold stripes to symbolize the race track. The dragon and the horse image on the car’s bonnet perfectly blends and complement with each other symbolizing the Chinese culture and the constant innovation of Ferrari.

The rims get a gold treatment and aerolastic winglets while the interior also reflects the Chinese traditions with gold embroidery on the head rests. The engine is turned on by pushing a button engraved with the Chinese short character for start. There is also a plaque on the dash to indicate that the car is a Special Edition release for the 20th anniversary of Ferrari in China.

Mercedes teases fans with the next gen A Class ahead of auto show in Geneva [with video]

2013_mercedes-benz_a-classGerman car marque Mercedes-Benz is busy developing its next generation of A Class set to be unveiled during the auto show in Geneva come March 2012.

A video was recently released by Mercedes to showcase the details of the upcoming entry level Mercedes vehicle like is new headlamps, new elements on its bumpers, and the overall profile of the new Mercedes-Benz A Class.

The video was also in time to meet the move of the competing brand in Europe.

As part of the marketing fun, Mercedes will send out prototypes of the A Class on the roads of Germany. The camouflaged A Class units will sport QR codes which can be scanned by fans. Those who want to participate can scan the Quick Response codes using their smartphones. The code will give the fans a chance to win special prizes and a chance to join Mercedes and the rest of the world in welcoming the new A Class during its debut at the Geneva Auto Show this year.

The next gen A Class will be rolling out into showrooms in Europe by the last quarter of this year. Mercedes fans in the US will have to wait until the second half of 2013 before getting their hands on this new A Class as a model for 2014. The US market though will be able to get a 4-door coupe inspired by the A Class before the end of 2012.

This 4-door Mercedes coupe is expected to be unwrapped during the auto show in New York this April. It is expected to look like a smaller CLS and will lead to a production of a more potent model with an AMG badge.

The Geneva Motor Show kicks off on March 6. We will keep you posted with new information that might be released by the car manufacturer before the official unveiling of the new A Class. Here’s a preview clip for now:

Bentley collaborates with Linley for special edition Flying Spur

bentley-continental-flying-spurIf Bentley can get even better this is it. The luxury car manufacturer Bentley recently announced that it is working with Linley, a highly regarded design company in the UK, to compe up with a limited edition Flying Spur. There will only be 10 units of these Bentley Continentals.

The special edition Bentley CFS will be made for the Chinese market which has been showing the biggest demand for luxury cars in the recent years. The release will be injecting the elements of style from Linley to even add to the valued hand crafted quality.

The team from Linley will be working to make the interior of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur even more classy. Bentley and Linley share the passion of using natural elements, and the former will benefit by the beautiful veneers of the latter.

Santos rosewood veneers will be used fot the roof console, wasitrail, console, and fascia of the limited edition Bentley Continental.

David Linley, topman of Linley, said the product of the collaboration with an excellent brand like Bentley resulted to a very unique car reflecting the passion of the two companies to push things to the limit until one achieves excellence.

The Flying Spur’s waistrail will be treated with the motif taken from the Linley Helix collection carefully and artfull done using special marquetry inlay skills. The marquety appears to have a wave effect because of the rosewood contrasting with the four kinds of veneers used. The rear console to was reworked to give way to a Linley humidor. Another feature will be the dedication plaque which is rhodium plated, and a cashmere blanket in a leather bag by Linley.

The interiors were designed by the team from Linley following the specifications of the luxury car builder.

Mean looking Lamborghini Gallardo to debut at Frankfurt Motor Show

Since we’re talking about mean-looking, performance-based cars, the Lamborghini Gallardo is expected to make a smashing debut next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

p19 Lamborghini

In a recent statement made by Italian car maker, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. said that they would be revealing a super sports car during the car expo. While the statement said nothing about the car model, inside sources has confirmed that the Italian car brand is talking about another version of the Super Trofeo, which is the Lamborghini Gallardo.

Based on the LP560-4 platform, only 30 units are said to be in prototype production. These models carry at 5.2-liter V10 engine packed with 525bhp attached to a six-speed e-gear transmission with race-ready suspension. Since the model makes use of composite materials, the new model is now 110kg lighter at 1,300kg with the standard model. The super light Gallardo Superleggara is said to be 40kg lighter with a lot of aerodynamic features.

The Lamborghini Gallardo will get a meaner exterior look and a V10 engine that accelerates the super sports car at 0 to 62 mph in three seconds with a top speed of 210mph. Of course, the start of the Frankfurt Motor Show will get a bold red body finish with a initial tag price amounting to £200,000.
Moreover, the entry-level Lamborghini model will get a replacement that bears a fresh new look, the Cabrera. Lastly, the Italian car maker is said to be planning to produce at roadster counterpart of the Aventador line which will be revealed in 2012.

Bright Red Bugatti Veyron from Dartz [with video]

When we say Bugatti Veyron, we are talking about super cars going thru very limited production. Several months ago, a McLaren Mercedes SLR done in a beautiful silver chrome finish has been spotted touring in London. Today, we don’t see silver. We see bloody red.


Dartz, or Dartz Prombron, is a Russian luxury armored car manufacturer which is based in Riga, Latvia. For years now, the Russian company has enjoyed its reputation for producing a line of luxury armored SUVs. Today, Dartz extends its expertise on sports cars, particularly, the bloody red Bugatti Veyron done in a beautiful, bold, and striking blood red finish. This new Bugatti model has been presented in the south of France.

It seems that tuning companies from around the world has walked away from the standard black chrome finish and shifts more to bolder colors. The Dartz-turned Bugatti Veyron might look like a fireball in its bright red chrome finish but it sure does attract the attention of the automobile community. The chrome red Bugatti Veyron comes with a W16 quad-turbocharged engine that comes with an impressive 1,001 ponies. Its utmost speed is rated at 260mph.

While more and more tuning companies around the world cater to the eccentric to revamped the constant production of the world’s fasters sports cars, we might see a Bugatti Veyron done in a green chrome finish next or does an orange tint look better? Black chrome seems to be a thing of the past now. Who knows we might see a pink chrome Ferrari sometime in the future.

Rolls Royce plans to produce greener luxury vehicles; sales jump by 171%

The gas consumption of the Rolls Royce Phantom is pegged at 15 miles for every gallon and these numbers just do not mix if you want to be a greener car owner with lesser carbon foot prints. Well this may actually change as the luxury carmaker plans to produce a rechargeable electric limousine. Yes. With nada, zilch, zero emissions.

p19 Rolls Royce

Rumors have been going around in the past few years that Rolls Royce is working on an electric model and recently, the car manufacturer revealed plans of an experimental electic limo.

The super green Rolls Royce might just roll out in time for the upcoming Olympics next year where BMW is set to showcase its green technologies to the whole world. The sporting event is the perfect marketing venue for the Rolls Royce electric car which may be used to bring the thousands of VIPs to the different venues.

Insiders confirm that they are considering the plan but clarify that Rolls Royce is looking at all options and is not rushing things just to produce a green vehicle for the brand. The parent company, BMW has already produced the MINI-E that can be recharged using the mains.

Rolls Royce had a jump of 171% in terms of sales in 2010. The big leap is attributed to female buyers getting the smaller Ghost models. The United States is still Rolls Royce’s biggest market followed closely by China and the United Kingdom.

Buying guide: E55 AMG by Mercedes-Benz

The E55 AMG of Mercedes-Benz is a game changer. Under £20k, a used E55 AMG is of great value. With this post we list down tips on what to look for when buying one.

p19 Mercedes-Benz


The pads and discs are reasonably priced at around £450 per set. Fitting the brakes will add a bit to the tag especially when the brake fluid will be changed. This generation of Benz requires you to plug it to a computer when you change the fluid.


When you get an E55 with high specs you can expect that the cabin will have a ton of gadgets. You have to take note that these systems will be expensive to fix.

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